By Emmanuel Nqabeni
Project Coronation

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to Avo and Coronation for the great opportunity of making the training possible as much as we are faced by the pandemic covid 19. The Covid 19 safety training which we trained in each and every one participant and it was so informative and The Learners were so thank full off the 12 Modules which they had to attend and it was so free and they made shore that they book the dates and our classes were full load everyday I had 32 people and the were days I had to turn back other walk in as wee were using the booking system. All modules were so informative and useful to the learners as many were unemployed and after module 10 we had people who had started the small businesses which was so fantastic. Group dynamics we had older and young people and others they were once employed and other never employed before. Which makes the learning interesting everyday