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I had the privilege of facilitating the Sanlam Money Fo Sho program in the areas of Steytlerville, Jansenville and Willowmore during October and November. I had a very successful sessions and the participants were enthusiastic and appreciated the training very much as they got exposed to new information or/and the old reinforced through the training. Budgeting seem to highlight my sessions as some are budgeting but end up not implenting it hence the importance they realised of differentiating between needs and wants and prioritizing items on your budget. The risk module also highlighted the need to assess your needs as it turned out that many over insured in some instances yet they were either under or not insured at all in other instances. The credit module also had people speaking as some did not realise how credit works and how much money is spent on credit rather than the item. Fraud and scams as always is a hot topkc as many people only realised during the training that they were being scamed and are spenfing money pn fraudulent stuff. The training was a huge success as it brought useful and relevant information to our people and hopefully they will follo through with their promise to change their financial behaviour and plan better for and the future

Sanlam MFS and MM Since it is now level 1 recruitment was no longer a problem and people were coming in numbers to attend trainings. Money fo sho went well and I promised my groups to come back with MM. Unfortunately I couldn't because the target was enough for 1 group. The challenge was that people were no longer wearing masks and had to buy disposable ones for them. That led to a thorough covid awareness as most people believe in myths than facts On one Sunday a Sanlam representative visited us to evaluate training. She was excited to see how the programme is managed. She also raised her concerns about the duration of training.

Coronation virtual training It was a great opportunity to be part of this training. Virtual has many benefits as compared to F2F. I had an opportunity to reach many people in a short period of time. These trainings brought hope to people that this is not the end but we need to plan for now and future. If the participant miss a session has a chance to read the whole conversation when he/she is available. Challenges Issuing of airtime Participants who did not have data to do pre and post evaluation However this is a great initiative and I enjoyed making impact during Covid19.


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