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Online Streetwise Finance was not easy for my participants because it was something new, the challenge was the name Online, was such a big name, even if you explained to them it's data free, but at the end they manage to do the training.

Money module financial literacy, was held at Moreson Trust farm, I trained two groups, Xhosa speaking and Afrikaans speaking. The challenge was, the training should be done in two weeks time, I had to push and do 2 sessions per day, Farm workers need a lot of information because most was new to them,lot's of hidden information, I so wish Avocado can approach the farms in the Western Cape, most of the people are living in the farms after they retire, they've been through out with 0cents,no provident funds, only the UIF, it is very sad to find out there are still lots of farmers in the Western Cape doing the same thing. They really enjoyed doing this training, and they ask me to bring more information, Covid-19 was not a big challenge to them, because in the beginning of Covid-19 I shared all the Avocado vision pictures, that we shared on the group, so that they can print out and teach their workers, this training brings financial freedom to them. Thank you Avocado vision and the team

So far so good everything is going so good and the community is enjoying Money fosho. Many are unemployed who attend the Program. But what is good everything is going so good. I have been offering breakfast and Lunch in my sessions


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Training Sanlam how to survive Covid19


Training Sanlam how to survive Covid19


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