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Imvelo yethu I did trainings at Gwadu where I was finishing the number of learners who could not attend training. I also trained community care workers who work with people living with HIV and AIDS. Lastly I trained learners at Luvisi area in Inquthu. The training was so relevant to the learners in such a way that the principal quickly organized learners even though I didn't make any appointment. I started by having a talk on Covid19.The area has rivers but does not have water. The level of land pollution is very high. I had to emphasize on how we can turn things around by protecting our nature. Even though I trained grade 12 only, I promised to go back as the challenges are affecting the community.

1. ENJOYED SECTIONS The most enjoyed modules were banking , saving , investments and retirement. The trained people are people working on contract on community projects lasting from 6 months to a year so they don't consider saving , investment and retiment preparations as their options but for people earning real money not stipend as they do . They normally open savings accounts for their wages whuch they dont fully understand what they're paying towards it as it's the only option given to them by bank consultants , they don't know how to read tjeir statements for them statements is for checking if theyve been payed month end . Coming to bank services they're not aware and this training have given them information on how banks operates. Investment and preparing fir retirement is not even an option for them but after this training they think better , the other issue raised by them is they over invest on stokvels which they end up not getting anything as they fail to pay montly contributions or they've loaned from the stokcel and can't pay back . CHALLENGING SESSION BUDGET This was the most challenging for them as they refer to their grocery list as budget and as we were doing the budget they were forced to face reality and be honest with themselves most of them find out they're left with nothing from their wages . It took us for a long period to finish this section as they're required to excercise this and most of them are illiterate so they loose interest but doing doing rounds helping them individually helped them at the end they so the importance and they were enthusiastic and prepared to sgare this with their families . IMPACT These candidates they now know bank procedures , what to expect when visiting bank branches, which account is suitable for them , they'll start saving and investing tiwards their kids education and are prepared to go take out retirement products suitable for them. When lending they'll be lending responsible aware of the interest to be paid what other options the have . From noe on they'll be saving for the future .

SESSION ENJOYED The most enjoyed sessions were Ecosystem and Water cycle at first these kids didn't understood the connection between human beings and ecosystem we then digged deeper on the relationships and roles played by each member of the ecosystem community, we identified living and non living things and where human beings fit and what role we play in the system . Formation of clouds, types of clouds and how are formed then focused on the rain cloud this will then enable them in the future to predict whether there will be rain or not by reading the clouds , role palyed by indigenous forests in cleaning our air and water cycle how they can be used to rehabilitate damaged members of the ecosystem .How can they see pollution through clouds . How can we prevent tornadoes, cloud bursts . 2.BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS School kids they don't know about invasive species they think these species are part of our indigenous community which must be protected . We went through each invasuve within our space identify advantages and disadvantages their common names and name backgrounds. We took one popular invasive which is planted in every home in our villages THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT which these kids believe it's a medicinal plant , we also looked closer on other invasives which we see destroying our own indigenous plants , rivers and rangelands . I think more education needs to be done on INVASIVE SPECIES . 3. IMPACT DONE After we've done the do's and don't activity , start and stop activity 3 projects in each school were identified . Planting of indigenous trees around school yards that are nearby wetlands which they believe will help in rehabilitating these wetlands , waste management projects which will see community members taking responsibility in waste management in an endevour to save our rivers . Voluntary wattle clearing projects which will see the recovery of agricultural land. We are hoping that the department of environmental affairs will assist in assuring that these projects survive and soread to other communities. Our encouragement comes from knowing that RIVERS ARE MY BLOOD VEINS , TREES ARE MY LUNGS , BAD THING I DO TODAY TO THE ENVIRONMENT THE ENVIRONMENT WILL THRIW BACK TO ME ONE DAY .


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