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Imvelo yethu training It was great to be part of this important programme. It is heartwarming to see people committing themselves to protecting environment after learning that climate change is the consequences of destroying nature. I worked with young ones who very fascinated. I worked with grannies who are working at Zibambeleni project which is aimed at cleaning and protecting environment. The councilor grabbed the opportunity of getting thiis training for free as it is a requirement for this grannies to be trained on environmental issues. I had a team of caregivers who were helping the grannies throughout the program. I worked with different communities and have made networks with different structures. As I train people organized by organizations, government departments and municipalities I find it to be beneficial as they have influence on their people. This training is popular because i linked it with KZN floods as it is one the consequences of climate change. I must say i learnt a lot from my participants especially the grannies and realized they know about climate change from wsy back. The main challenge that was raised by different groups was the issue of disposable nappies which are blocking rivers and pipes.

Money Fo Sho financial skills training took place in Langa at Phandulwazi. Again in this training it was only young females who come from an organisation called Bahadi. The only challenge is that we started bit late but we managed to finish on time. These young girls loved to topic of Budget. They promised to introduce the training to the parents and to their friends.

Women of Worth from Desmond Tutu Foundation recieved a training on Risky Business-Insurance. They were very active and learn a lot on different types of insurances. It was interesting because more young girls were still coming but unfortunately the number was full.


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