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Avocado Vision in partnership with Clientele make it possible for some communities to receive financial life skills training program, where they have learned financial literacy. It was a great honor to one the participants in Mganduzweni to receive this life skills. She said " if had this life skills before she could have save a lot of money by now for education and retirement.

Money Fo Sho - Clientell project I conducted a training in De Doorns and in Atlantis these are rural areas in the Western Cape. Most people from thes areas are coming from the Eastern Cape and from Lesotho but they came to these areas looking for jobs. Most of them are working in farms. They have little background of education,most services are not there, they are not exposed in most things. The training was successfull as well as the participation. Most relevant questions were asked. The most highlighted topic was setting goals as well as needs and wants. They learnt a lot in terms of drafting a budget and how to cut their costs. Leadership appreciated the program and they said they need more of such trainings. I would love to conduct more trainings in these areas.

uMzinyathi KZn,training went well for a few days until community leaders made it political.people were told not to come to the training,those who came were threatened,we had to do our last session and move to other places.people actually followed us,their own transport which showed so much interest in the training.its sad that leaders do such things to spite their opponents,forgetting about the community.


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