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Hollard Streetwise financial literacy was held in Ashton Zolani location , it went very well, the community of Zolani location want more than 1 day, it brings financial freedom to their households. Challenges :the vanue is not easy to find in these communities ??and some the community leaders don't want to involved themselves in organizing the people.

Avocado Vision in partnership with Sanlam made it possible for me to visit different communities to upskill in financial literacy, more than 150 leaners attended the program and get a chance to learn more about managing money in different modules, it really mean a lot to many participants more especially in budget because many people don't budget and that results to failing to manage their money better. Some they thought they understand the value of money but after training they confuse they understand nothing.

It was a privilege to some community who benefited in the Avocado Vision In partnership with Coronation and I financial literacy learning program. In most session we receive stories were people found themselves in regret due to failing to manange their money better and safety. Many we have train they don't budget , some like Philip from Numbi share his story with us " I Philip found myself scames by criminals at the ATM. I was struggling to withdraw money and a stranger volunteer to assist, He ask me to put my pin twice and say after I will get my money a d He live me. I waited in the ATM nothing come out until security ask whats wrong and I explained everything my card was gone by that time. Its were I notice that I was scammed" . Philip say it was only Salary He receive that was touching.


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