By Bongani Magagula
Project DEA

Environmental awareness program, I decided to take a turn in Bushbuckridge municipaliy and engage with the community for sessions training. I successfully enganged with different stakeholders, NGOs, institutions, youth center, etc. Learner's seems to enjoy the most in the session its start and stop , because where they found direction in what must start and stop. Some learner's learn more about their daily activities that are harmful to their environmental and must stop doing it. They also learn more about activities that the must be emplemented in their environmentant, because is valuable and play a good rule to protect and prevent their environment like planting more trees and protect them, recycling, etc. What make them to be more intrested or enjoy this session its because damage have already been made by different activities that we do and that affects our environment. This session reviled to them what are the effects and give hope to make a difference in the environment. Participants discussed and debated more in this session because they don't agree with one another in some pictures in terms of start or stop, its how they learn and listening to different opinions. I have more elders active compared to youth in my sessions. The participation of youth compare to elders concerned me because I thought youth will be more active than elders. I decided to confront them and ask what's ,wrong , why they are not active and someone responded 'we are shy'. From that time my sessions start with funny or jokes to twist their minds and feel welcomed in the session. Most participants promised to take responsibility toward protection and prevention of their environment.