By Bongani Magagula
Project DEA

Environmental awarenes touched many people's life because some didn't know that their activities have an effects in the environment also contrite in the air pollution, noise pollution and lead to climate change. I made a big impact toward the Lihawu How base care, because they promised to take action, regarding activities within the community, making awareness to educate more people within the community about what we touched them. They said some of the activities wont be easy to be overcomed because most people won't understand , like the rubbish dumping, noise pollution, etc. If the government can assist with containers to dump rubbish in rural areas that can help. The program also contributed a lot in life skills general, because most of the things we teached them its wethin their environment. Have open their eyes about the goodness and effects in their environment and taken responsibility toward making change or raising more awareness to educate more people.