By Bongiwe Mafuya
Project Media Works

Ive been training the ERS interns these are youth from disadvantaged remote rural areas who have never heard any business training , the only businesses they've been exposed to are grocery stores and tarvens nothing else so when tjinking about the business the first idea will the above 2 . Remember on our first sessions their businesses were mostly selling clothes that they've bought from Durban , openning a spaza shop and openning a tarven . The most enjoyes lesson according to my observation was when they realised that they can actually give themselves more than one job GETTING MORE IDEAS as it allows them to explore more what their villages and neighbouring one can offer or what other products they can add to what they already have it gave them the chance to think broader and out of the box . Value Chain was the.most difficult one , difference between the jobs especially the DOING AND MAKING JOBS , they were really lost on that but repeating it everytime before starting with the lesson of the day , COSTING AND PAYING YOURSELF was also challenging to them which I still believe they'll need to get an additional training but they have the starting point and it needs them to practise it on their businesses .They've never had businesses before or business mentorship so pricing product was something they didn't tjink it needs a formula . These young stars will now start businesses which will benefit the whole community in terms of clearing alien invasives , livestock management . Tjey are now able to distinguish between good and bad customers , draft their own business plan , to their books instead of hiring proffessionals , they can actually produce differnt products and can be able to market theur businesses and negotiate they know how to present yourself to potential customers and what to loom for in a customer and custome types , they can plan their businesses putting the VALUE CHAIN INTO PERSPECTIVE.