By Bongiwe Mafuya
Project DEA

I've been training in schools as I belive that the youth can make a huge improvement if they're informed , they're studying natural science as one of the subjects but what really makes me sad in all the schools there's no committed teacher for this subject it's mostly ignored . These kuds at the beginning of the training they cant even tell you what is environment but as the training continues they start showing interest and engaging . All the schools I'm training in are combined schools kids from different far away villages .The most session they enjoyed it's the do's and stops as a result at the end of each session I allow them to chose 3 projects they want ro take part on as you see in the picture they're fighting to present their cards to me . As I've highlighted before the most difficult sessions for them is at the start where we talk about environment , ecosystem, bilogical invasion they can't even tell what is pollution , DEA needs to pay attention on tjis we normally take things for granted that people are ignorant but the reality is they don't associate themselves with ecosystem and the main subject to help them is the most ignored one .They see wattle around them but fir them its fine to have it , they see wetlands as dumping sites but after this training they are willing to rehabilitate them . The biggest impact which will come out of this training is more environmental projects wull be initiated and headed by these kids which will see teachers and community elders paying attention and also hoping that NATURAL SCIENCE will be prioritised have designated teacher . Most of these schools have been combined which I think will get the message across even to tjose communities we can't easily reached .