By Ningi Sibisi
Project Coronation

Coronation module 1 to 9 This was the first to train 1 group on all coronation trainings. In May I trained a group of traditional healers and other few people who were not traditional healers. I discovered it works well when 1 group attends all. From Money fo sho experiences they were more active during modular sessions as it serves as basic. Some challenges were tax calculations need each participant to have a handout so that they can relate easily and have something to refer later. Tax season is around the corner so the session was prolonged by many questions based on their current situations. The insurance session was also popular and there many stories of insurance reps who made some take insurances without their consent or make them sign papers with no explanation. It was a wake up call for all to always make sure they ask for a document to take home. The issue of retirement was taken serious as some were already approaching pension age but they didn't know they could take retirement policy even though they were not employed but rather self employed. One lady shared a story of her son who was trained by her about money fo sho as I always encourage my participants to be the ambassadors of financial literacy. She shared some ways of boosting income which is mobile car wash and the business is booming. The son is in grade 11 but he is financially independent and has a saving account for his university fees. This story is humbling and it shows when people are informed they take wise decisions. Module 6 to 9 works better if it is offered together with module 1 to 5. This training was a success.