By Ningi Sibisi

The 1 day training is a very informative. However having done it several times there are some issues of concern 1. 6 hours is too long for the community training. Some of the participants have not been to school for a very long time and they get tired. 2. The training content is for 6 hours which does not cater for administration. Administration for this training can take 2 hours depending on the level of literacy for the participants. Before the training you have to do the pre-assessment. After the training the facilitator has to check the register and make amendments, write certificates and manage post-evaluation forms. 3. The payment of the training is not equivalent to the amount of wok that is done. The rate is less than the work and time. After the training you have to courier or deliver the originals.To increase the pay for a day without changing the rate maybe 50 people maybe allowed for 1 training. 4. There are too many activities- to reduce the time maybe some activities need to be cut. 5. Pictures-as it is requirement to have participants' pictures, there should be a consent form so that people are protected and we take pictures of those willing to take part. To provide training does not give us powers to decide whether people should be on these pictures. To show respect for humanity they must give consent.