By Fana Patrick Usiba

For the months of October and November I have trained 4 Ikhaya Fo' Sho! and 2 Coronation In Depth workshops. The common trend with all workshops has been the enthusiasm and eagerness of Participants to imbibe the knowledge and skills during training. Another commonality has been the erratic numbers of Delegates attending the sessions. I have experienced on several occasions cancellation of sessions due to very minimal numbers of Delegates pitching up, notwithstanding incidents where participants had confirmed their attendance the previous day or two before the workshop. With Catering having been prepared a day before, this puts one in a very disadvantageous situation where you have to give the food away and in the process incur some losses. i am wondering how Avo can help in such situations, to come up with ways and means of assisting . By Fana Usiba - Ka - Mdakane