By Rachel Rakoloti

Working with coronation on this trench two in Free State has been quiet an experimental in a sense that I'v e been thinking what it would be like to back to the community that I have trained before and refresh them to establish how fa far are they with getting their finances in order.Some of them had challenges that they needed help with and the training helped them because they knew where to go for help. Recruiting them back into training was not a challenge but getting them to come everyday until the fifth day was not easy. There those who came consecutively and those who came on intervals because of commitments they had somewhere else.The learners appreciated training, and feedback that I got from them gave me assurance that all the work that was put in from organising the venues,the catering and training itself did not go in vain, although some of them stated that its the first time they see the certificate of that size.Thank you Coronation.