By Fana Patrick Usiba

Since the month of June, one has been hectic with training various members of the community throughout the length and breadth of the Gauteng province in various programmes: Coronation In Depth Financial management, Mzansi Fo' Sho!, Ikhaya Fo' Sho!. I have expirienced some ups and downs in the process. The ups being seeing the state of wonderment in the eyes of Delegates when sharing the key pillars of Financial Management : Financial Goals,Budgeting, Credit Management, Banking, Scams & Fraud, saving & Investment, Asset Management among others. with the follow - up programme In - Depth Coronation Financial Management programme it was reassuring to observe that ones' effort had not gone into waste in sharing with the Delegates then in the previous initial Basic Financial Management programme. There was positive feedback as to how the programme had influenced their lives in a positive way with them being in a more improved status regarding their Finances. The down side has been on several occasions Delegates not pitching up for the workshop after preparing catering and all the other logistics and one being forced to postpone the workshop. I hope that is the life of a Facilitator, counting your losses and moving on. What inspires me besides these challenges is the Change one is bringing to Communities including contributing to the Development of our young growing Democracy.