By Mothabela Maboya

The trainnings impacted in my life in so many ways that i had not imagine.Being a Trainer for more that 4 years has really been a great and challenging journey i must has been a learning curve that one really appreciate as from the point im standing, proud to say its has indeed sharpened my tools of anaysis..the way i view the world and greatly help me to deepen my understaing on how the finacial world works. Organinsing and Trainning I must say it wasn't easy to recruit and get to train and get to train as schedule.Timing or the season made it highly challenging beacause people or stakerholder are closing shops or are in the festive mood. That is when i realised that building realationship its very important. In few months that we started with the project...i must say im proud to say most of the people ive trained really aprreciated the efforts of Avovision to bring education which really talks to the really the find themselves in.Mining communities with lots of opportunities not utilized are now adamant that they a ready to face and are in position to make informed finacial decision about they finances . I was able to train the following groups: Affected minning communities around Mogalakwena Community home based care centres REDCROSS peer educations and staff SANTA care workers Through it all i learned that change is inevitable...Haikhona guys ..Social collective really humbled me to the core.The challagees ive had to deal with regarding subbmissioms,was at times frustrating but hey...i got to up my game and have patience to get to understand the system. HO STAFF Your support guys really kept ne going even when i felt frustrated ke Social Collective..Without you i wouldn't have work to produce. Picture of some of the lifes i managed to touch in 2017 attached