By Sbongiseni Lolwana

I had a great experience with all of my groups, the Community Development Workers that I am linked up with by the City of Cape Town were welcoming, supportive and very excited to have a valuable training such as the Financial Skills Training to provide to the community. I could proudly say that Avocado Vision is creating quite a positive footprint in Cape Town. Even the councillor from Greenpoint, who came to receive me when I went to train COR- 1519 indicated that as the City of Cape Town they have heard of the good work that we have done in our first two sessions in Town Two and Site B and they are hoping to continue developing Khayelitsha with us going forward. On the other hand, the participants were enthusiastic and fully willing to change into beings that are money savvy; by means of budgeting, saving and investing for the future. We are currently viewed as the team that is changing the people's lives. I AM VERY PROUD TO BE PART OF THE AVOCADO VISION TEAM!