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Location: 2643 Nkunzane Street, Cape Town, South Africa



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Managing a Business
Understanding and Managing an Entrepreneurial business
the importance of spending less than they earn
how to prioritise spending
how to budget
ways of cutting costs
ways of boosting income
Business Strategy
how does economy affect savings
Investments and savings accounts
Savings versus investing
How to recognise phishing scams
How to keep safe
Credit scores
Ideas and opportunities
i owe
COR Module 6 Risky Business
Pension Versus Retirement anuity
Types of Tax
Life insurance and retirement savings
Tax threshold and Progressive Tax
How to get most from tax deductions
Black Tax
Satus symbol
Religions beliefs
status Symbols
Financial Literacy
First pay
Buying a car

Insights and Reports

Feedback collects all the ratings and comments provided by volunteers. Giving administrators ratings on: Management, Enjoyment and Usefulness, as well as comments from volunteers
Opportunity Ratings Comment
Issues Highlight the real challenges that organisations are confronted with when reporting.
Issue Event date Opportunity
Successes collates the wins from the hosted volunteer events.
Success Event date Opportunity
Reports detail all the attendance, ratings and event details. Including signatures and images of the activities.
Date Opportunity Report